Exclusive surface and tactile satisfying feeling.

The solidity of nature and attention to detail are the distinctive features of the Stone collection. The stone, finely carved to eliminate imperfections, gives an exclusive style to the rooms and a vibrant sensation to the touch. The light circle is made with an accurate laser engraving to facilitate the identification of the command.

Systems for every type of room.

The collection is available in matraia stone, semi-gloss piasentina stone, bush-hammered stone, green Guatemala marble, imperial brown marble and gray Billiemi marble.


Vitrum Stone switches are available with 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 button variants. The light circle is replaced by an accurate laser engraving, which facilitates the identification of the command by touch.


Vitrum Stone is made of precious natural stones, finely carved. Available in Guatemala green marble, Biliemi gray marble, Imperial brown marble, Matraia stone, semi-gloss Piasentina stone and bush-hammered stone.