The difference is in the details.

Complete with the Vitrum accessories to give character and style to the rooms.


Vitrum Presa is the brilliant retractable socket that hides the plug behind a sliding door. The frame, compatible with 3 and 4-module wall boxes, is available with the main devices. Vitrum Presa improves the style and safety of the home.


Vitrum Frame is the complement of the Vitrum system to harmonize the aesthetics of all sockets, including traditional ones. It is installed on the most common civil series on the market with the simple replacement of the external plate.


Vitrumino is the Vitrum switch dedicated to children. Encloses the dual function of Dimmer switch and courtesy spotlight. Available in six fun characters, decorates and recreates children's nights. Simple to install and nice to use: when the light goes out, the character's nose lights up in different colors. Vitrumino creates the right atmosphere with a finger.

Vitrum has won many awards