Smart Living

Vitrum Design revolution the idea of Smart Home

Why Vitrum?

The living experience becomes simple: make your everyday life easier and dedicate your time only to the important things. Electronics capable of performing autonomous functions to make the environment more functional, safe and sustainable. Create the ideal environment for your needs, ensuring peace of mind and safety and monitoring the amount of electricity used by your devices. Living has never been so easy.

great versatility

The Vitrum Design product can be easily installed in common flush-mounted boxes, does not require additional buses, control units or wiring, uses the most popular network protocols in the world, offers an advanced and intuitive user experience and is offered in different collections to be able to choose. the style that best suits your needs. The great versatility of Vitrum Design simplifies home automation and makes it available to everyone.

total control

With Vitrum Design products it’s possible to perform multiple functions and control them locally or remotely. Different systems for lighting control, to operate roller shutters, adjust temperature and audio, supervise environments, create and activate routines and scenarios that provide for the combined interaction of functions exactly when desired.

unique innovation

Vitrum Design devices are made with innovative techniques and materials. Smooth surfaces and elegant lines. A engrave glass that offers a touch perception for a high profile sensory impact. For a unique user experience in the world.

Vitrum has won many awards