Smart Living

The Cloud System allows to convert a traditional electrical system in to a smart one, let you to control shutters, light and home temperature remotely from the App or directly from the electronics.

Eco Friendly

Vitrum Design contributes fro a greener environment. UFO allows you to avoid unnecessary waste by monitoring consumption and optimizing the heating of the house, room by room, even when you are not there.

UFO II Generation

The only controller that integrates environmental sensors, voice commands and self-learning artificial intelligence in a single object.
Works with Google Home and Amazon Alexa

Vitrum Design App

New design and new interface. Personalizing and managing your home is simple and reliable thanks to the Vitrum Design app. Simplicity is at the heart of any action.

Personal scenario

With Vitrum Design you can customize every room in your home. According to your habits, advanced KNX technology allows you to set scenarios in individual areas of the house. Enjoy the right atmosphere whenever you want.

Vitrum has won many awards