Inspired by the shapes of nature.

Form, light and sound combine to create a unique use. Elegant, sinuous and linear like shapes found in nature. Simple and universal, fusing form and movement.


The raised texture of the buttons allows the fingers to activate controls naturally. The actions are confirmed by the response of the luminous circle. Sounds complete the execution of the command and the system status.


The white and soft surface entirely cover the aesthetics, incorporating the frame in a single shape. Sense have a surprising design.

Sense is perfectly interchangeable with all Vitrum Design products. With a simple push it is possible to change the aesthetics of our devices from the four collections.

sensorial feedback

Vitrum Design redefines the concept of switch. Status LEDs and backlit icons, seven colors that can be associated with functions and keys, sound feedback with each command. The only limit is your imagination.

sensual elegance

Touch and sight immediately find in Sense a new sensorial experience, fluid and solid at the same time. Sense surprises with harmony and design inspired by nature.