Modern cut, evolved feeling.

The modern and clean design embraces the delicacy of glass. Vitrum Design Tech is renewed to give character and personality to contemporary and technological environments.


Tech by Vitrum Design is made of solid glass in the white or black variant. It has a smooth surface with no grooves. The satin external frame adapts perfectly to the walls, giving a modern lifestyle. Dedicated to those who want to evolve.

pure white

The sensational color with a big personality. White gives purity to environments. The perfect complement for who is looking for a modern and creative home style.

total black

In the Tech collection by Vitrum Design the glossy black glass surface is finished with a frame of the same color for a renewed and elegant look.

sensorial feedback

Vitrum Design redefines the concept of switch. Status LEDs and backlit icons, seven colors that can be associated with functions and keys, sound feedback with each command. The only limit is your imagination.

One of a kind

Glass is where the concept of Vitrum Design originates and finds its primordial expression. The result is totally unique


Every single button of the aesthetics are customizable by choosing from a vast library of icons. Associates an icon to a function for a more intuitive user experience.